Omni Directional™

Our Omni-Directional solar technology is the first of its kind, it does not need to be pointed at the sun to harvest maximum energy. Just place it outside and forget about it. Originally designed for military applications on moving vehicles. Eliminates the confusion typically required in positioning your panel for optimal sun capture, it works no matter what direction it is oriented.



  • Ideal for non-stationary charging such as vehicles or trains
  • Originally designed for mounting to armored Humvee vehicles for squad charging and power applications
  • Battery can be added for internal storage
  • Utilizes advanced bi-facial solar cell technology


  • 6″ MODEL OUTPUT: 5V – 3 amp panels
  • 3″ MODEL OUTPUT: 5V – 1.5 amp panels
  • 3″ MODEL SIZE: 305mm x 305mm x 76mm
  • 6″ MODEL SIZE: 305mm x 305mm x 152mm
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